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Is There Really a Slow Motion in Car Accidents?

As per our physiotherapist in California, many people who are victims of a car accident speak of the dreadful incident happening in slow motion. You may have heard actual stories of it as well. The idea of ‘slow motion’ may … Continue reading

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Follow These Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Our chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California encourages drivers to change their bad driving habits so that they can avoid road collisions or worse. As a driver, it is your responsibility to drive carefully to prevent any accidents. Whether or … Continue reading

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Treat Your Knee Injury with Care

If your knees collide against the dashboard or any parts of your vehicle in a car accident, the impact of the crash can severely injure them, resulting in pain to your ligaments and kneecap. Just like with other injuries, your … Continue reading

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Laughter Is Not the Best Medicine for Broken Ribs

Your ribs are responsible for protecting soft organs like your heart and lungs. Although the rib bones are sturdy and connected by groups of muscles, you still need to be careful because if something hits them hard, they can break. … Continue reading

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Do Not Leave Your Whiplash Injury Untreated

When you hit your car breaks abruptly to put your vehicle in a complete stop, there is a chance that your neck will experience a snappy back and forth movement, resulting in whiplash injury. Whiplash injury can also happen when … Continue reading

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Car Accidents Can Also Cause Wrist Injuries

Do you ever associate a wrist injury with car accidents? Perhaps, you do not do so all the time because it is generally the head or the spine that takes most of the impact, especially when the crash is fatal. … Continue reading

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