Backseat Passengers Can Be at Risk in Car Accidents

backseat passenger sleeping

A lot of people still think that by being on the back seat of a car, they will not experience that much injuries in case there is a car accident compared to those who are seated on the front. That is not necessarily so.

While technology keeps on inventing protection gear on the front seat of the car, there has not been a lot of progress for the security of the back seats like crash dummies. According to a physiotherapist in California, it is not always safer in the back seat at all, especially if the backseat passengers do not wear their seat belts.

Passengers sitting on the back seat still need to strap on their seat belts. Otherwise, they may slam into the back of the front seats or, worse, fly into the front window of the car. If the latter happens, the injuries can be severe — possibly fatal if the car window gets smashed into smithereens and the passenger gets thrown out of the car, especially if the collision is forceful.

No one, of course, would like to think about car accidents. However, that does not mean you will not have to take precautions. Whether you sit on the front or the back of the car, you need to remember to wear your seat belt for protection.

If you are the one driving the car, you are responsible for the safety of everyone in it. It is essential that you remind your passengers to strap on their seat belts.

In cases of car accidents, MB Spine Center provides assistance to help the survivors recover from their injuries. DTS decompression therapy can soothe your discomfort and pain, especially in the spine.

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