Do Not Drink and Drive—No Excuses!

man drinking alcohol while driving
It is one of the most fundament rules of driving: do not drink and drive. Many drivers understand this rule and they know it by heart. However, some of them do not necessarily follow it, thinking they can manage to drive under the influence of alcohol without a problem.

According to our experts in MB Spine Center, the substance of an alcoholic drink can affect your mindset when you are driving a vehicle. It either makes you so sleepy that you can hardly focus on where you are going or too alert that you drive boldly and recklessly. It can also make you irritable that you get violent toward other drivers in the road.

Many unnecessary accidents occur because of irresponsible drunk drivers as you may have seen in the news or read in your morning newspaper. Injured drivers immediately get hospital admissions and they eventually see a physiotherapist in California to help them recover from backache, spinal injuries, and other pains.

Yes, drinking is part of the social norm; there is no denying that. However, if you are under the influence of alcohol, it is better to have someone else drive your wheels and take you home. You can also opt to go and get a cab. If you get invited at a party, and you know you are in charge of giving your friends a ride home afterward, then you will have to forgo the alcoholic beverages because not only are you risking your safety but also your friends’.

If you encounter a car accident and you need assistance in getting back in shape, you can get in touch with our chiropractic specialist in San Diego, California for proper treatment.

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