Is There Really a Slow Motion in Car Accidents?

vehicle collision

As per our physiotherapist in California, many people who are victims of a car accident speak of the dreadful incident happening in slow motion. You may have heard actual stories of it as well. The idea of ‘slow motion’ may seem absurd because you often see it happening only in the movies. If that is the case, why are they saying that time seems to have slowed down during the collision?

As per our experts in MB Spine Center, when the person behind the steering wheel loses control and is about to collide into something like a pole or another vehicle, they begin to panic and experience an adrenaline rush.

When the driver’s adrenaline is released at such a high level, it causes their mind to absorb an increased number of impressions and perceptions during the car accident. Their recall of scenes, noises, smells, and touch increases rapidly. As an effect, the recollection of the terrifying situation will appear to have taken longer.

Always keep in mind to fasten your seat belt before you even start your engine so that if ever a car accident occurs, the only thing you need to concentrate on is protecting your head to increase your chances of surviving a collision.

So, is there really a slow motion in car accidents? We truly hope that you will never find out. However, slow motion or not, always prepare yourself and stay alert. In worst case scenarios, protect yourself the best way you can.

If you were personally involved in a car accident and are suffering from back pains, let us help you get the best treatment that you deserve through our DTS decompression therapy.

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