Vertigo in Drivers: Seek Treatment and No Driving!

woman having a vertigo while driving

Balance disturbances like dizziness and vertigo can be tough to live with and may sometimes cause car accidents in drivers. Issues with the inner ear usually cause this loss of balance. Many people, especially those who drive, seek help from their physiotherapist in California to get treatment to avoid accidents. Through a procedure called vestibular rehabilitation performed by a physiotherapist, patients can overcome these symptoms.

Many people who continue to drive despite the warnings from their family, friends, or doctor about vertigo are putting their lives and other people’s lives at risk. If you often experience dizziness, it is not advisable for you to continue driving because your symptoms can affect your concentration and alertness, such as when your world starts to whirl, and you can no longer see where you are going. The best thing to do is to seek treatment first.

While undergoing treatment, have someone else drive your wheels, like a family member, a friend, or a care attendant. If you have other ways to access transportation, then, by all means, utilize it. Do not put your life at risk by being stubborn about driving a vehicle.

Keep in mind that if you get yourself involved in a car accident, and authorities find out that your health condition has something to do with it, you may get indicted. Most insurance companies will also not cover your medical and car expenses if this happens.

DTS decompression therapy is a procedure that has helped many people who are recovering from injuries. If you are suffering from back or neck pain, disc bulges, or spinal stenosis, this therapy may relieve your pain and help you recover.

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